About Oak Leaf Consulting
Oak Leaf Consulting and its  network of
associates provide on-site solutions to solve
client problems completely.

Associates available to solve your business
problems are located locally throughout the US,
Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South

We do not sell packaged solutions; we are not a
franchise – we meet clients in their unique
business environments, and build and facilitate a
specifically tailored practical path forward.

We are a
network of seasoned executives.  We
bring the expertise
without the non-value adding
overhead costs of typical business consulting

Great ideas don’t make money – organization and
people that can execute do
Managing Principal
Joe Schmid has over 30 years of business
management experience concentrating on
change leadership, TPS / lean operations,
and developing high-performance
organizations. Joe earned his Bachelors
degree in Mechanical Engineering from the
University of Detroit. Joe is author of
Field Guide for Observing the Leadership
of Change and If you are what you Eat,
your Company is what it Thinks

Peter Knoot has over 25 years of business
management experience directed at Lean
Operations and Six Sigma concepts. Peter
earned his Bachelor’s and Doctorate
degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute. He has been awarded 20 patents.

Joe Wallace has over 25 years of business
management experience. Joe was founder
and president of three high tech
companies; a 1996 CLEO Award winner,
R&D 100 Award, 1996; and Pegasus 2000.
Joe earned his Masters of Mechanical
engineering from Stanford.  Joe runs
marathons and has raised over $100K for
the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Joe
is President of Hadannah Business

Ronna Campbell has over 25 years of
business management experience,
including CFO and CAO, Corporate
Development, business valuation, due
diligence, and mergers and acquisitions.
Ronna is a Principal of Highlands
Management Partners, LLC.

Darrel Collier has over 25 years of
business management experience.  Darrel
built and led joint ventures and wholly
owned companies including restructuring
international businesses and developing
businesses and organizations in third
world countries.  Darrel has served on the
Boards of five international businesses,
and is a
Managing Director of International
Market Solutions. Darrell is a graduate of
Virginia Tech and is fluent in Spanish.

Norman Fraley has over 20 years of
business management experience. He is a
certified provider of Hartman Axiological
profiles, a certified facilitator of the
Situational Leadership Program, and
certified by the Society for Human Resource
Management. Norman is Principal of
Business Scientist Group, LLC. Norman
earned his Bachelors degree from  
Morehead State University, MBA from
Columbia Southern University and
completed his MS studies in Analytical
Sciences from Western Kentucky
Sherry Sutton is a Six Sigma-trained
executive with over 25 years
experience as an executive and
manager specializing in strategic
marketing and talent development.  
Sherry is a Certified Executive Coach
and a managing partner of  
Partners, Inc. Sherry received her MBA
from Clemson and a BS in Chemistry
from the College of Charleston.

Ed Engel has over 30 years of
business management experience
including turnarounds and startups
with focus on building high
performance - high trust cultures. Ed
has served as Plant Manager, CFO,
Operations Manager, and President of
various organizations.  Ed is a CPA,
and received his Masters in Service
Management from Mercer University.  
He is a certified instructor of Franklin
Covey Principle Centered Leadership.  
Ed is the Principal of the Engel
Senior Executive Associates - UK & Europe
Ian Thomas has over 25 years of
business management experience
with sales and marketing focus in
engineering, process manufacturing,
biotech, medical device and
environmental sectors. Ian has
specific expertise in developing
growth strategies in both Europe and
India.  Ian is based in the UK and a
member of the
Southern Group
Business Advisors in London, England.
Luc Schmid has over 25 years of business
management experience.   Luc has a
complete background in SME
management, Sales and Marketing, and
Project Management in the automotive,
and textile industries. Luc is fluent in
Dutch, French, English, and German.  Luc
is based in Antwerpen, Belgium.
Giorgio Di Dio has over 25 years of
business management experience.  
Giorgio was co-founder and managing
director of a chemical manufacturing
company with joint ventures in
Europe, South America, and Asia.  
Giorgio has a complete background in
SME management from startup
through growth.  Giorgio is fluent in
English, French and Italian and is
based in Milan, Italy.
Paul Green has over 20 years of
business management experience
including 10 years parallel experience in
the not-for-profit sector. Paul holds an
electrical engineering degree. Paul is
certified to deliver the ASIA Strategic
Planning Methodology®, and the Pharos
Performance Leadership Programme.  
Paul is a member of the
Thames Valley
Business Advisors Limited in Maidenhead,
Senior Executive Associates -
Alec Purcell has over 30 years of
business management experience
with expertise in crisis environments
(startups, rapid growth, mergers,
bankruptcy mitigation). Alec has
served as CEO, GM, VP Corporate
Development, and VP Operations for
various companies.  Alec has in-depth
experience in the Media,
Environmental Services, Retail, and
Direct Marketing industries.  
Elizabeth Gordon is the owner of  
Flourishing Business® and is author of
The Chic Entrepreneur, a strategy book
for women business owners.  For 10
years Elizabeth provided management
consulting to Fortune 500 companies
prior to starting her own firm.  Elizabeth
is a Certified Life Coach.  She has her
degree in business, finance, and
economics from Wake Forest; and a MS
in Marketing from Georgia State
Ralph Pierno has over 25 years of
financing experience.  He consults and
sources financing for every type of
commercial venture including
investment banking, both domestically
and internationally.  His diverse
experience includes Chairman of one
of the largest anti-poverty non profit
organizations and promotion to Navy
Captain, having served as a Naval
Aviator and Commanding Officer.  He
holds an MBA from Xavier University
and is Chairman and Founder of The
Pierno Company, LLC.
Brian Lamb has over 30 years of
business management experience
with expertise in growth strategies for
small and medium sized companies.  
Brian has served as President, COO,
VP, and GM.   Brian received his BS in
Electrical Engineering from Villanova
University. He was  appointed a South
Carolina Economic Development
Ambassador; and volunteers his time
working on local Lean Healthcare
Process Improvement  Programs.
Oak Leaf Consulting, LLC