A Field Guide for Observing the Leadership of Change
By  Joe Schmid
In sports, the games haven’t changed.  The size, speed, conditioning
and talent of the players; and competency of the coaching staff have.  

The same is true in business.  The fitness, speed and intelligence that
were once competitive are now a formula for failure.  

Being a great manager or a hands-on boss doesn’t cut it anymore.  

The mediating skill of leading has become a prerequisite for business
success. Developing it is the challenge that companies of every size

Great ideas don’t make money, people who can get their minds and
energy around these ideas do.  A Field Guide for Observing the
Leadership of Change takes you along as four companies struggle to
change their cultures, and get their players in condition to better

Organizational culture is simply the compilation of its habits. Habits are
hard to break, some more than others.   

You can’t boss or manage changing an organization’s habits.  Change
has to be led.
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